What are we going to do?

  • Setup Ruby using asdf version manager
  • Run rails new, get it to turn on

Installing Ruby On Rails

Install Ruby the 2020 Way

Before we start

  • This is for Linux & MacOS. If you're on Windows, use Docker.
  • Be wary about advice which says you should use sudo on StackOverflow.
  • There are other ways to install Ruby (rbenv, chruby & RVM), we're going to use asdf.

Install asdf

  • Visit https://asdf-vm.com
  • I like asdf, it supports multiple languages so you can use it to install nodejs & yarn.
  • Explain the instructions

Install Ruby

  • asdf works via plugins, you can install lots of languages
  • $ asdf plugin list all
  • $ asdf plugin add ruby
  • $ asdf install ruby latest
  • $ asdf global ruby


You need to set this one file to include this line, otherwise rails project will shit the bed.

$ cat ~/.asdfrc 
legacy_version_file = yes

Also Install Yarn & Nodejs

  • Also, we need to add nodejs & yarn
  • $ asdf plugin add nodejs
  • $ asdf plugin add yarn
  • $ asdf install nodejs latest
  • $ asdf install yarn latest
  • $ asdf global nodejs 14.14.0
  • $ asdf global yarn

Install Rails gem

  • $ gem install rails

Make a new Rails Project

  • $ rails new


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