What are we going to do?

  • I'm going to show you how to use serve your app in different languages in Rails.
  • We'll go through why you'd want to do this!
  • I'll show you some approaches & give some context on when to use them.
  • I'll demo some ways to test it.

Rails Internationalization (I18n)

Serve your app in the Language your user wants

What Are We Trying To Solve?

Ever been on holiday, opened a website & you have to hunt for a country flag to get your task done? That.

How do we use i18n in Rails?

  • t('.body_text') - Drop that into a view, it'll say "Oh hey go define a key"
  • Define a key - Look it appears.

How do we change the locale?

  • Set it explicitly
  • Scope in the browser URL
  • ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header - Swap in browser.

What about forms & models?

  • Changing model names, attributes & errors is totally possible.
  • Here is a gem to make it easier:
$ bundle add i18n-debug --group "development"

What about forms & models ?

  • Submit a form with an error
  • Change the attribute, model name & error message

What about date formatting?

$ bundle add rails-i18n

Look the date changes!



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